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Creating your own word or name is as simple as ABC, alright and D and E as well.

A: Simply type your word or name in the box (2-9 letters, for shorter or larger words, please contact us)

B: Choose your collection or keep it mixed

C: Click on Create My Word and a suggestion for your word or name will appear

D: Have fun changing the photo letters until your creation is just how you want it to be. To change a photo letter, click on it and a pop up box appears featuring all the options in your chosen collection, click on your preferred letter and it will appear in your word or name. To change the collection, select a different one from the dropdown menu

E: Once you are happy with your creation, select your print size and click on ‘Buy Now’ to buy your photo prints.


Frame your photo words just how you want to

Everyone has their own style, so you can choose to frame your photo letter prints yourself or present them in any way you like, however if you need some help, we’d be delighted to frame them for you, just email us at and we will get back to you straightaway


Looking for something a bit different?

If you would like different print sizes or formats, prints on special materials or for your wedding stationery, or if you would like photo letters taken specially for you by our photography team, we offer a bespoke service where we will work with you to create exactly what you require, just email us at and we will get back to you straightaway.

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